Dimensional Letters

Dimensional Letters Materials and Applications

Discover the versatility of dimensional letters with our comprehensive guide to various materials and applications. From acrylic to cast metal, explore the characteristics and uses of each type, ensuring the perfect solution for your signage needs.

Dimensional Letters are created with a variety of materials that cater to both interior and exterior applications. Whether you’re seeking the sleek look of acrylic or the durability of cast metal, our guide will help you navigate the options to find the ideal solution for your signage requirements.


Acrylic dimensional letters offer versatile applications, suitable for both interior and exterior use. Precision-cut to any font or graphic, they are painted with acrylic polyurethane paint and can be stud-mounted or affixed with double-sided tape indoors. Mimicking the appearance of cast metal letters, they offer a lightweight and cost-effective alternative without compromising on aesthetics.


Aluminum dimensional letters are ideal for outdoor installation, meticulously computer-cut to accommodate any font or graphic. Typically coated with acrylic polyurethane paint, engineered for longevity, they are crafted for stud mounting, ensuring durability to withstand outdoor elements for decades.

Cast Metal

Our cast metal dimensional letters and logos are meticulously crafted from bronze or aluminum, offering a range of finishes including painted, brushed, or polished. Known for their durability, these exterior-grade products are stud-mounted to structures, requiring a sturdy mounting surface. Please note that Paris Signs collaborates with skilled vendors to supply this premium product, as we do not produce it in-house.

Formed Plastic Letters

Our formed plastic dimensional letters are crafted from high-impact plastic, ensuring they never crack or fade over time. Versatile in application, they can be stud-mounted or affixed to surfaces using mounting pads, available in a wide array of sizes and fonts. Please note that while Paris Signs does not produce this product in-house, we collaborate with skilled vendors to provide you with the highest quality options available.


Our PVC dimensional letters are tailored for interior applications, offering versatility in design with computer-cut precision to accommodate any font or graphic. Painted with acrylic polyurethane paint, they can be stud-mounted or affixed with double-sided tape, providing flexible installation options. While their edges may not be as pristine as acrylic, they offer a thickness of up to 1″, and a metal finish can be laminated to the face for added customization.

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