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Discover the diverse range of materials available for illuminated sign faces, from durable polycarbonate to sleek metal options. Explore our selection to find the perfect solution for your signage needs.

Polycarbonate Faces

Also known as Lexan™, this durable and impact-resistant material ensures your signage remains intact even under harsh conditions. Our bulk purchasing guarantees consistent, non-yellowing products at affordable prices. Choose from various styles including Flat, Pan Formed, Embossed, Changeable Copy, and Vandal Cover, all compatible with Extruded Aluminum or Built Aluminum Cabinets.


Flat sheet of polycarbonate with graphics applied to the surface.

Pan Formed:

The graphic surface is pulled out away from the cabinet which allows sign to light correctly with a shallow cabinet.


Similar to pan formed face with the letters pushed out further than the face to have the appearance of raised letters.

Changeable Copy:

Letter track is installed for Gemini® Letters. Various sizes, styles, and colors of letters are available.

Vandal Cover:

Flat polycarbonate that is built with a frame to hinge over changeable copy and protect it from vandals.

Modified Acrylic Faces

Our ridged, shatter-resistant acrylic maintains its brightness without yellowing over time. Decorate it with any graphics to achieve your desired look. Compatible with Contour Signs, Extruded Aluminum Cabinets, or Built Aluminum Cabinets, it offers versatility and durability.


Flat sheet of modified acrylic with graphics applied to the surface.

Flex Faces

For large signage needs, our reinforced flexible vinyl offers strength and longevity. Suitable for seamless faces, it can be customized with any graphics. Compatible with Built Steel Frame Cabinets featuring a built-in tensioning system, ensuring a secure and sleek finish.

metal sign faces

Metal Faces

Crafted from solid aluminum, our metal faces feature routed letters and graphics filled with acrylic cutouts for a striking appearance. An architectural product compatible with Built Aluminum Cabinets, it adds a touch of sophistication to your signage.

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