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Illuminate your signage with our versatile range of cabinets, offering Fluorescent, LED, and HID lighting options. Whether it’s our Extruded Aluminum, Built Aluminum, or Built Steel Cabinet, each model is crafted for durability and customization, ensuring your signage shines brightly.

Choose From Various Illumination Options

Fluorescent Lamps

Efficient and cost-effective, ideal for preventing condensation issues.

LED (Light Emitting Diode)

Energy-efficient and long-lasting, suitable for small or shaped signs.

HID (High Intensity Discharge) Lamps

Designed for illuminating large signs with a depth of 30 inches or more.

Fabricated Aluminum Cabinet

Constructed with a solid aluminum profile, this watertight cabinet is ideal for signs with a Lexan™ face. Features built-in electrical raceways and LED Lighting. Available to be built to fit your custom needs.

Built Aluminum Cabinet

Fabricated with welded aluminum extruded angle frame and aluminum sheet metal skin, this cabinet can be shaped as desired. Supports various face types including Lexan™ and metal faces. Can be illuminated with fluorescent tubes, LED, or HID.

Built Steel Cabinet

Constructed with a welded steel angle frame and aluminum sheet metal skin, this durable cabinet can be customized in size and shape. Supports Flex Faces and other face types, illuminated with HIDs or fluorescent tubes. Includes a built-in face tensioning system for Flex Faces.

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