Halo Lit Letters

Exterior Halo Lit Letters

Exterior Halo Lit Letters are crafted from welded aluminum dimensional letters designed to illuminate from the back, creating a captivating “Halo” effect around each letter. The color of this luminous halo is customizable, dictated by the LED lights positioned within the letter itself. Protected by a translucent Lexan™ back, the LEDs remain safeguarded while also serving as a mounting surface. This design ensures that the letters stand off the mounting surface, allowing light to reflect against it for optimal visibility. Commonly referred to as “Reverse Channel Letters,” these Halo Lit Letters offer a sophisticated and eye-catching signage solution.


When designing graphics for Halo Lit Letters and Logos, it’s crucial to consider how they will appear when illuminated. Multicolored graphics on faces may require special attention, potentially necessitating a combination of Face Lit and Halo Lit techniques for optimal visibility and aesthetic appeal.


Standard installation involves mounting the Halo Lit Letters directly onto the storefront, with electrical connections penetrating the wall behind each letter to illuminate the space behind it. It’s important to take into account the color and texture of the wall, as these factors can significantly impact the appearance of the Halo effect. Raceway installation is also an option, particularly if the letters have an outline to reflect light behind them. This approach can be beneficial when the mounting surface is unsuitable for light reflection. Additionally, the entire product is weather and rustproof, ensuring durability and longevity for exterior installations.

Low Profile Halo Lit Letters

Low Profile Halo Lit Letters offer a sleek alternative, featuring dimensional acrylic letters with LED illumination inside. The light emitted from the LEDs projects from the back of the letters, creating a stunning Halo effect on the wall behind them. These letters are complemented by a painted finish and non-lit graphics applied to the face, adding to their visual appeal. The glow of the halo can be customized based on the color of the LEDs within the letters. While installation may be somewhat complex, Paris Signs offers professional installation services or detailed instructions for those opting for a DIY approach.

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