Face Lit Letters & Logos

Illuminate Your Brand with Face Lit Letters & Logos

Weather-tight aluminum letters with LED standard illumination inside. There is a Translucent Acrylic Face that allows light to illuminate through the front of the letters. This type of letter is commonly called a “Channel Letter”.

Face Color Options

Solid Color Acrylic

One option is modified acrylic with pigment color integrated throughout, offering limited color choices. Alternatively, you can select white solid color acrylic with applied graphics for a wider range of face color options.

Digitally Printed

Full-color graphics are digitally printed and then applied to the acrylic surface for a vibrant and eye-catching result.


During the day, the chosen color is visible on the face as perforated vinyl is applied. At night, the lighting color, typically white, becomes prominent.

Installation Options

Remote Installation

The letters are affixed directly to the building’s surface, with wiring for each letter routed through the wall to which the letters are secured. An electrical connection pierces the wall behind each letter. Typically, these letters are mounted above a concealed space, such as a drop ceiling, within the building.

Wire Raceway

All electrical components that would typically be installed within the store front are enclosed within the raceway. The raceway includes an On/Off switch for safety, a Voltage/Amperage Tag, and the option for a Photo Electric Eye. This design minimizes the number of penetrations required in the building structure for power, typically necessitating only one hole for electrical connection.


If a raceway is not employed, the letters are affixed to the back of the letter itself. However, when letters are mounted on a raceway, the background can be utilized to hide the raceway. The background is composed of aluminum composite material, which can be painted in any color to create a contrasting effect between the building and the letters.

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