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Illuminated Cabinets

Illumination Options

Fluorescent Lamps electronic ballast and high output fluorescent lamps in a horizontal configuration, which prevent condensation problems. This is the most efficient and cost effective way to illuminate a sign.

LED (Light Emitting Diode) consume the least energy and are the longest lasting form of illumination. Small signs or shaped signs can be illuminated with LEDS cost effectively. LED commonly last 100,000 hours.

HID (High Intensity Discharge) Lamps solution for illuminating large signs. This illumination product is designed for large cabinets that have a depth of 30 inches or more.

Your salesperson will suggest the form of illumination that is appropriate for your application.

Extruded Aluminum Cabinet

ilcab1 Built with a solid aluminum profile that is a simple, strong and watertight fabrication. This is the most efficient rectangular cabinet if the sign is designed for a Lexan™ face.

  • Face Types: Designed to retain a Flat Lexan, Pan Formed Lexan or Embossed Lexan Face. Changeable copy can be added to the Lexan Face.
  • Electrical: Built in electrical raceways around perimeter of extrusion contains all of the wiring and sockets. Illuminated with high output fluorescent tubes and electronic ballast.

We stock material to build any of three width options: 7″, 9″ and 12″ depending on application.

Built Aluminum Cabinet

ilcab2Fabricated with a welded aluminum extruded angle frame and aluminum sheet metal skin. Shape is not limited to a rectangle; a “built” cabinet can be fabricated in any shape from circles to star shapes. This is a “stick built” sign of Paris Signs design.

  • Face Types: Designed to retain all Lexan™ faces and metal faces.
  • Electrical: Can be lit with fluorescent tubes, LED or HID but most commonly fluorescent tubes.

Custom pole decoration or decorative tops can be fabricated and installed on this cabinet.

Built Steel Cabinet

ilcab3Welded steel angle frame and aluminum sheet metal skin. Can be fabricated in any size or shape. Total fabricated product with a proven design for many years of service.

  • Face Types: Face tensioning system is built into frame to hold Flex Faces. Other face types are possible.
  • Electrical: Lit with HIDs or fluorescent tubes.

Face tensioning system is built into frame to hold Flex Face

Illuminated Cabinets all can be single faced, double faced or center pole mounted.