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Halo Lit Letters

Exterior Halo Lit Letters

Welded aluminum dimensional letter that illuminates out the back creating a “Halo” of light around the letter. The color of the light around the letter is determined by the color of the LEDs illuminating the letter from the inside.

The LEDs are contained inside the letter protected by a translucent Lexan™ back. The back is also used for mounting the letter to the mounting surface. The letters will stand off the mounting surface to create a space for light to reflect against mounting surface.

This type of letter is commonly called a “Reverse Channel Letter”.






Since the Halo Lit Letters and Logos are illuminated only around the edges, consideration should be allowed for how graphics will be seen when lit. Multicolor graphics on faces may need special attention such as a combination Face Lit and Halo Lit.


Standard Halo Lit Letters are built to be mounted directly to your store front. Electrical connection penetrates the wall behind each letter. This allows letters to light the wall behind it.

Wall color and texture must be considered when determining how the Halo will appear.

Raceway installation is possible if letters have a outline to reflect light behind letters. Outline can also be used if the mounting surface is unsatisfactory for light reflecting.

This entire product is weather and rust proof for exterior installation.

Low Profile Halo Lit Letters

halo5Dimensional acrylic letters with LED illumination inside the letters. The light from the LEDs projects from the back of the letters creating a Halo of light on the wall. Letters have a painted finish and non lit graphics applied to the face.

The glow of the halo is determined by the color of the LEDs inside the letter.

Installation is somewhat complex; Paris Signs can provide installation or provide detailed instructions.