Flat Material Signs

Solid material or composite material can be decorated with all the graphic applications Paris Signs performs. Each of these materials has an application it is best suited for.


ni-signs4Solid aluminum panel will not rust or corrode in the weather. Used for parking, directional and building mounted signs. Frames and poles available for parking signs. Very long lasting exterior weather proof material.


ni-signs5Aluminum composite material with thermoplastic core. Ridged and thin panel used for exterior sign inserts and similar to flat aluminum. Can also be bent or rolled to an arc.


ni-signs6Aluminum composite material with corrugated core adding thickness and stiffness to the sign for less structural support when mounting. Edges are exposed corrugation are covered with a decorative trim.

Corrugated Plastic

ni-signs7Low cost, tough weather proof material. Semi translucent polyethylene sheet with corrugations running in one direction.

Similar to corrugated cardboard except it is weather proof.

2 year maximum life outdoors. Two thicknesses available: 6mm and 10mm. Great low cost, short term sign.

Brands of corrugated plastic used include Coroplastâ„¢.


Durable and dent resistant material that works great on an easel, hanging or attached to a surface. Interior product can warp if exposed to sun, even through a window.