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Face Lit Letters and Logos

Weather tight aluminum letters with LED standard illumination inside. There is a Translucent Acrylic Face that allows light to illuminate through the front of the letters. This type of letter is commonly called a “Channel Letter”.





Face Color Options

Solid Color Acrylic

Modified acrylic with pigment color all the way through the acrylic. Limited colors produced. All other face color options are white solid color acrylic with graphics applied.

Digitally Printed

Full color graphics applied to the acrylic.


Perforated vinyl applied to face to show chosen color during the day and color of lighting during the night, usually white at night.

Installation Options

Remote Installation

facelit5Letters are installed directly on building surface. Wiring for each letter passes through the wall to which letters are attached. Electrical connection penetrates the wall behind each letter. In most cases installed above a drop ceiling or other hidden area inside the building.

Wire Raceway

facelit6All electrical components that would otherwise mount inside the store front. Raceway contains On/Off switch for safety, Voltage/Amperage Tag and optional Photo Electric Eye. Fewer penetrations to building structure for power, typically one hole for electrical connection.


facelit7Mounted to the back of the letter if raceway is not used. If letters are mounted to a raceway the background can be used to conceal the raceway. Aluminum composite material that can be painted any color to add contrast between building and letters.