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Dimensional Signs

Sand Carved

Built entirely of High Density Urethane (HDU). This material is made of 100% Polyurethane that will not rot or decay and is impervious to insects. Finishes applied to the sign are acrylic polyurethane. The finishes and material used in the construction of this sign type have a very long exterior life.


Look as though they are sand blasted wood with a perfect wood texture, In reality the texture is a computer carving. It is repeatable and always looks great.

Many times the structure that supports the signs is just as important as the sign itself. We can design and build the structures to match the application.

Variety of mounting options are available as well as single or double faced construction.

Incised Carved

Two materials are available for construction, HDU as the Sand Carved signs or Extira treated wood material. Extira provides more impact and vandal resistance than HUD and is finished in the same way as HDU.


Internal framework to support large signs will be designed into fabrication. Hangers can be design into fabrication also.


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