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The Power of Electronic Message Centers

In today’s competitive landscape, Electronic Message Centers (EMCs) offer unparalleled versatility for capturing attention and conveying multiple messages effectively. With features like scrolling, flashing, and video playback, these displays are indispensable tools for modern marketing. Available in full-color, red, or amber displays with durable construction made in the USA, EMCs are the key to elevating your brand’s visibility and engagement.

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We are a vendor of Watchfire displays—the best quality display manufacturers. We offer a standard 5-year parts warranty on Watchfire displays we sell and install.

Sign Models Pixel Configuration

Color vs Monochrome

Full-color EMC’s can be a great way to grab attention with graphics and video. Monochrome options include either RED or AMBER and can be a cost efficient option with similar functions.

Pixel Pitch or Resolution

Pixel pitch determines how clear the display will appear to your consumers. It is often measured in millimeters and is defined as the measurement in which the LEDs are spaced. When choosing the proper pixel pitch for your business you should take into consideration many factors such as, how fast people are traveling, how far of a distance they are viewing your display, and the type of messages you intend to show on your display. The best rule of thumb is the lower the number the higher the resolution.

Expert Consultation

Low Profile Halo Lit Letters offer a sleek alternative, featuring dimensional acrylic letters with LED illumination inside. The light emitted from the LEDs projects from the back of the letters, creating a stunning Halo effect on the wall behind them. These letters are complemented by a painted finish and non-lit graphics applied to the face, adding to their visual appeal. The glow of the halo can be customized based on the color of the LEDs within the letters. While installation may be somewhat complex, Paris Signs offers professional installation services or detailed instructions for those opting for a DIY approach.

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