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Standard Banner

banners313oz. reinforced vinyl banner, double stitch sewn hem around entire perimeter. Includes flat edge webbing across top and bottom that extends out each corner 6 feet for tying banner up. Grommets every 3 feet and full color digital graphics on one face.

Can be single or double faced.

Grand Format Banner

banners213oz. or 15oz. vinyl banner, heat welded hem around entire perimeter or a pole pocket around the perimeter. Grommets can also be installed for installation.

Our heat welding technology allows us to seam multiple panels together for a virtually unlimited size.

Boulevard Banner

banners115oz. double faced vinyl banner, double stitch sewn pole pockets top and bottom with webbing sewn in loops for reinforcement. Single grommet top and bottom for securing to the pole brackets.

Standard sizes are available or we can customize to your size.

We also provide the pole brackets.

Mesh Banner

9oz. single faced vinyl banner, double stitch sewn or heat welded hem. Mesh material is perforated to allow wind top blow through the banner, reducing the wind load on fence or structure. Often used as a Fence Wrap with grommets every 3 feet to zip tie to fence. Can build to fit any size fence or structure.

Finishing Options

  • Hemmed edge of banner folded over one inch and double stitch sewn or heat welded.
  • Flat Webbing is sewn through banner hem that exits the banner and is used for installation as well as enforcing the edge of the banner.
  • Grommets installed on the hem of the banner for securing.
  • Pole Pocket is an open looped hem to accept a pole. Banner can be hung by this pocket. The pole will keep the banner hanging flat and smooth.
  • Wind Slits can be cut into banner to allow air to pass through without overstressing the installation or banner fabric.
  • Clearshield® acrylic laminate is applied to surface to protect from UV light and light abrasion.

Your salesperson will suggest the finish options appropriate for your application.

Digital printing does have its color limitation. We can provide customer with a color proof prior to production for a small fee.

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