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awnings4Designed and fabricated in house with aluminum structure for long life and a cover of translucent vinyl or poly cotton blend fabric. Nearly any shape is possible with the type of construction we employ. Many times an awning could serve as a sign as well as weather and sun protection. We have found that it is easier to get a permit for an awning than to get a permit for a sign.
awnings3Awnings can be decorated with any color graphics as well as many standard colors in illuminated and non-illuminated materials. The awning frame can be painted to match the cover or it can be left with a raw aluminum finish.
awnings2Graphics are in most cases applied to the Sign Band. The Sign Band can be the Valance or the Vertical part of the awning. Various types of graphics can be applied to the awning depending on application.

If your existing awning is faded or torn, we can produce a new cover to make it like new again.

Awning Cover Options

Illuminated Vinyl


Translucent vinyl cover that when lit at night, illuminates to display company name or identification. May be various standard colors or full color is also available. Below awning will also be illuminated and will customarily have egg crating to diffuse light. Illumination is provided with fluorescent tubes.


awnings5Polyblend fabric cover can be decorated with painted graphics. Decorative framing is common for open ended awnings.

Non-Illuminated Vinyl

awnings6Similar to Illuminated Vinyl Awning without illumination. Vinyl cover will not be translucent for lighting. Standard colors of cover material or full color is possible.

Digitally Printed Vinyl

Vinyl awning cover with digitally printed graphics. There is basically no limit to the graphics that can be printed to the awning cover. Printed awnings can be back lit for a night time display of logo or business name.