Enhance Your Space with Stylish & Versatile Awnings

Experience the superior craftsmanship of our in-house designed and fabricated awnings, featuring durable aluminum structures built for long-lasting performance. Covered with translucent vinyl or a poly-cotton blend fabric, these awnings offer both aesthetic appeal and practical weather protection, with the flexibility to achieve nearly any desired shape. Often serving as dual-purpose signage and shelter, our awnings provide an efficient solution for obtaining permits while adding visual interest to your space.

Custom Awnings for Style and Functionality

Decorate your awning with vibrant color graphics or choose from a variety of standard illuminated and non-illuminated materials to suit your branding needs. Customize further by painting the awning frame to match the cover or leave it with a sleek raw aluminum finish. Graphics are typically applied to the Sign Band, whether it’s the Valance or the Vertical part of the awning, offering versatile options for branding and messaging. Additionally, if your existing awning is worn or faded, we can produce a new cover to restore it to its former glory, ensuring your space remains both stylish and functional.

Awning Cover Options

Illuminated Vinyl

Illuminate your brand with our translucent vinyl covers, elegantly displaying your company name when lit at night. Choose standard colors or opt for full-color customization. Below the awning, fluorescent tubes provide subtle illumination, creating a captivating and welcoming atmosphere.


Our polyblend fabric cover offers a versatile canvas for painted graphics, allowing for personalized decoration to enhance your awning’s visual appeal. Additionally, decorative framing is a popular choice for open-ended awnings, adding a touch of sophistication to your outdoor space.

Non-Illuminated Vinyl

Our Vinyl Awning offers the same sleek design as our Illuminated Vinyl Awning but without the illumination feature. The vinyl cover retains its integrity without translucency, providing a choice between standard colors or full-color customization to suit your aesthetic preferences.

Digitally Printed Vinyl

Elevate your space with our digitally printed vinyl awning cover, offering endless customization options. Backlit at night, our printed awnings showcase intricate designs or your business logo, creating a striking display that captivates attention and highlights your brand.

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