About Us

Paris Incorporated, DBA Paris Signs Was Founded in 1991

A sign company dedicated to offering creative solutions to customers’ needs. Our objective has always been to provide our clients with the products and services they deserve. In doing so, we have built a reputation for exceptional quality, timely delivery, customer service, and consistent pricing. Our ongoing dedication and commitment to our customer’s satisfaction have made us the leading sign manufacturers, in our area.

Evolution of Excellence and Innovation

Through the years, Paris Signs has expanded its size and the line of products and services offered to keep up with the increasing demands of our clients. As a result, we now produce all types of signs including non-illuminated signs, channel letters, illuminated signs, digital displays, and large/grand-format digital printing.

Our 14,000-square-foot manufacturing facility has been designed for mass production and is outfitted with some of the most technically advanced equipment available. We employ over 20 individuals whose creativity, craftsmanship, and dedication to perfection ensure the customer satisfaction that companies have come to know and expect from Paris Signs.


A Kid Making Extra Money

While in High School Tony began painting signs for local businesses


A Simple Beginning

Since Tony was a kid, he has always dreamed of building custom solutions that his customers dreamed up. While working nights in a grocery store, he began painting banners for local businesses. He started getting requests for more signs than he could paint by hand so he ordered a Macintosh computer and a vinyl cutter and went into business.


Moving Up!

The business moved from Tony’s apartment to a run-down Ice Cream shop that we fixed up. Now we had a real business location with walk-in traffic. Heather began working full-time in the business. Tony quit his night job and began working full-time as his own boss.


Growing & Expanding

We moved to a new location in Lavalette with a big production area and a separate showroom and office. Business grew and so did our staff.


Expanding Our Size & Products

Paris Signs moved to our current 14,000-square-foot location. It felt like the biggest shop in the world. We were able to move all our operations inside one building.

As our capacity increased so did our production.


Known as the Best

Over the last twenty years, we have developed the knowledge and experience to serve all our customers with the finest quality product that can be built with time-tested techniques. We have worked hard to develop a reputation as a responsible and knowledgeable company. That is why we are the best!


Patent Awarded

Modular Power-Delivery System for Sign Installation

After 5 years of development, Tony received a patent for a Power Delivery System for Channel Letter installation. Forever changing the way channel letters can and will be installed.


Celebrating 30 Years

Paris Signs has been crafting bespoke sign solutions for three decades, blending creativity with precision to captivate audiences. Their legacy of tailored, innovative signage has set the standard for excellence in the industry.

30th Anniversary logo


2022 National Small Business Person of the Year Award

Anthony and Heather Wheeler of Paris Signs in Huntington received the 2023 National Small Business Person of the Year Award.

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